Our Impact



From October 2018 to September 2021 (3 financial years) the organization has continued to achieve a wealth of outcomes for young people and the wider community. Despite the restrictions imposed upon service delivery as a result of the pandemic, Key achievements include:

  • Achieved 15057 attendances to activities
  • Developed a core user base of over 1200 beneficiaries
  • 87% of beneficiaries reported improved self-confidence or self esteem
  • 82% of beneficiaries learnt a new skill
  • 44 young people accessed our alternative education sessions
  • 19 of those young people achieved a total of 27 qualifications.
  • Others were supported to achieve qualifications outside of our offer (GCSE)
  • Supported 118 young people through 1:1 counselling sessions
  • 79% of beneficiaries reported improved happiness and wellbeing
  • 56% of beneficiaries reported that they felt safer
  • 37% reported having more friends or feeling less isolated due to JADE activities
  • 72% reported an improved perception of their community
  • Delivered 899 food parcels, to 62 families, providing approximately 3796 meals throughout the pandemic

Feedback from within the report:

From Partners From Young People

"Their breadth of knowledge and understanding of how to engage with young people is beyond most youth workers – they have an energy and passion only really found in the voluntary sector"

"They work with young people that most other agencies don’t want to know/don’t know what/how to work with them and often they’ve given up on them saying they are useless. JADE works with them and stays with them through all their complex behaviors"

"It would make a massive difference if they weren’t there. We have some particularly vulnerable young people in incredibly difficult situations. JADE make a difference to them and their families, who are on the edge. JADE helps build that trust."

"They are able to motivate young people to come back to school, I can honestly say that for one young person they may not be alive today if it was not for the support of JADE – They can be a lifeline"

You can download a pdf copy of our 2016 Impact Evaluation Report below.