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  • Partner Feedback 4

    Their breadth of knowledge and understanding of how to engage with young people is beyond most youth workers – they have an energy and passion only really found in the voluntary sector

  • Partner Feedback 3

    They work with young people that most other agencies don’t want to know/don’t know what/how to work with them and often they’ve given up on them saying they are useless. JADE works with them and stays with them through all their complex behaviors

  • Partner Feedback 2

    It would make a massive difference if they weren’t there. We have some particularly vulnerable young people in incredibly difficult situations. JADE make a difference to them and their families, who are on the edge. JADE helps build that trust.

  • Partner feedback 1

    They are able to motivate young people to come back to school, I can honestly say that for one young person they may not be alive today if it was not for the support of JADE – They can be a lifeline